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This online course makes you the master of your time


Too many things to do? Unclear plans? Target unknown?

Do you have difficulties to get things done? Is your calendar a mess? Do you have dreams, but you don’t know how to make them into concrete plans? Do you have plans in many places? Different calendars and planners for business and personal life? Are you angry because you just work and you do not have time for your family or hobbies?

What if?

You wake up in the morning and think how grateful you are. You are excited to start a new day to work and to get closer to your dreams. You know what is the most important task of the day. Your day is organized and changes will not make it a chaos. At the and of the working day you feel happy because you have finished the most important task. And you are extremely happy because you are able to spend the rest of the day with your loved ones.

As Tony Robbins says: “Progress is happiness.”


Things do not happen automatically

I have to confess. I had a dream to make an online course. To have income that is not dependent on my physical presence. I had it already on my mind some years ago. I was stressed because all the time other things came on my way preventing me to do the course. 

Actually, I think I was purposefully starting new studies and other stuff to avoid making the course. Why? Because I was afraid of that it will fail. I was afraid of that I do no get any sales. And if I do, people will not like it. This is very natural for all of us, as human beings. We are afraid of making changes and we are afraid of trying something new. We are even afraid of dreaming. I was.

One year ago, last spring I participated “Knowledge Broker Blueprint” training by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. Since that I have followed these guys by participating virtual live events etc. And I have started to think differently about my dreams. I have to follow them. And I have to share my knowledge.

Finally before Christmas I decided to take a deep look why I still have not made the online course, although it has been on my mind so many times. I planned to do it one year ago, last spring, last autumn. Prioritizing. I did not have a proper plan. I did not follow the system I have used for years, when running hundreds of projects for my customers. Then I just decided. I have to follow my own system, which I know works and if I follow it, I’ll get things done. I did it, and now my first online course is ready. 

It is about the system I use to get things done. And I want to share with you.

Would you like to learn the system I have used for hundreds of projects to set and reach the goal?

I cannot say that you will reach all your dreams by following the system introduced on this online course. I cannot say that you will become a project management professional like I am. Our background and circumstances are different. But I can say that you are able to manage your calendar and your life better with this system. You just need to follow the guidelines and adjust them to your own daily life. 

And when you see the progress happening, I’m sure you are feeling less stressful and enjoy more of your life. And your dreams might come true or they might even change. What you think was important before might not be anymore. That happened to me.

More about your online coach - Anne Wuokko


I come from the Arctic Circle, a little town called Rovaniemi. I wanted to become a dance teacher and have my own dancing school. That’s why I moved to Helsinki, the capital of Finland. But I could not get in to the Dance Academy, so I followed my other dream.

I studied computer science at the University of Helsinki and got master’s degree in 1995. I worked 22 years for a big international corporation (Nokia, over 100 000 employees), mainly as a project manager, run hundreds of projects and certified 3 times (PMP, Prince2, ITIL). Since 2017 I have run my own company.

I am a lifelong learner. During the recent years I have obtained specialist vocational qualification in product development and in sales. Soon I will graduate as a vocational teacher. My free time goes at the gym, dancing, golfing and whenever possible skiing. I am interested in people and do voluntary work, nowadays especially in ice hockey because of my son.

Happy share what I have learnt over the years with you <3

What will you learn during the online course?

You will learn step by step a system that I have used for running big and small projects during my professional work life. The similar systems have been used in big organisations (over 100 000 employees) for decades. If these routines have been used in big companies why not to use them in a small company? Or even in your personal life? Of course the scale of the projects is very different in big companies compared to e.g. to a solo entrepreneur, that’s why I have adapted the system to suit small companies and individual persons. But the principles stay the same, you need

  • to have a goal that sets your heart on fire
  • to make proper plans
  • to track your progress and change your plan if needed
  • to change your goal if it does not set your heart on fire anymore
  • to remove all unnecessary things from your life
  • to have more time for the most important things
  • to have fun when doing things

What's inside the online course?

You'll get 7 modules of training, each of them prepare you for another one and contain

  • A clearly defined target
  • An introductory video
  • Exercises, which helps you to learn the topic
  • A downloadable document with examples
  • Videos showing how to use the free online tools

All videos have captions.

You should reserve time 1-3 hours per module, so totally this will take you about 7-21 hours to go through the whole content of the course. It depends how familiar you are with the topics and the online tools. The online tools are used just as examples, you can use the same system with other tools as well. You do not have to use online tools to learn the system, but I recommend to at least try the tools.

What if you are able to set realistic targets? What if you can check your plans anytime? What if you reach your dreams? This course guides you how to make online plans and track them. It is up to you to make it happen!

It is important to have goals in the far future to be able to understand why you do your daily activities. Allow yourself to dream big. Some of dreams may come true, some not, some might change. Without big goals you do not make necessary actions!

Time to be realistic. You work on the 5-year vision by selecting the most important items, which are doable, still challenging, in the next year, and make quarter plans. You also make ”not to do” list and define rewards for achievements.

We are going into details now. You start to divide quarter plans into monthly plans and set your targets per each month. You consider both business and personal targets.

Daily routines get you in the right mood and makes you feel capable during the day. Fill in your calendar with tasks from your monthly plan, but first you include important daily routines there.

Daily, monthly and yearly routines help you to keep on track. Now you study a system to track your targets, daily tasks and change your plans, if needed.

Now you know how to turn your dreams into actions! Let’s summarize one more time. Have a happy journey towards your dreams!


The content of the course will be available for you for one year from the time of the purchase.


I am sure you will learn new things related to time and life management during the course. Anyhow, if you are not satisfied to the content of the course, your purchase is subject to a 30 day cancellation period.

For you?

The course is ideal for solo entrepreneurs, who like to have a better control of their life. The system introduced during the course can be used by other business owners or by persons who like to plan and track professionally their targets and activities.

If you are not willing to do any changes in your daily routines, this course is not for you. I give you guidelines, but you need to implement them by yourself. You need to do the hard work to make your dreams come true.

Are you ready to take the first action?

Price 49,90 EUR, incl. VAT 24%


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